Getting the best out of your people requires strong business leadership. Leaders must have a clear vision of where their business is going and how it is going to get there. Objectives must be tangible with each individual in the organization understanding what they need to do to achieve these objectives.

More importantly, every employee must sincerely believe that they have a vital role to play. Employees must know that their work is appreciated, valued and integral to achieving the overall business goals. Aligning people with business goals in this way achieves engagement, creating a platform to boost productivity and to drive down costs.

When you are buried deep within the day to day processes of your business, it is often more difficult to establish exactly which human capital strategies are going to deliver the right results, let alone devise the infrastructure needed to implement, measure and drive forward each strategy.


“Trust in Excel Global’s Human Capital Management Advisory Services for Complete Peace of Mind”

At Excel Global getting the best out of your people is what matters most to us. We have an extensive track record in providing multi-national companies with human capital benchmarking and measurement solutions to create a tangible and positive impact in the performance of their people, and ultimately their business.

Our consultancy service is comprehensive across all aspects of human capital management, from strategy and framework development to the implementation of employee engagement strategies, staff retention initiatives and re-engineering of your workforce in response to economic drivers.

Drive Results with HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics

HR and workforce analytics will support your organizations strategic and operational goals whilst providing decision makers with greater insight into workforce related considerations.

The Excel Global Workforce Analytics Model outlines a five-phase process to assist HR professionals in developing and aligning human capital metrics to their business strategy. After metrics are developed, HR professionals should undertake benchmarking to compare their organizations human capital metrics to metrics from similar organizations.

Aligning Human Capital Metrics to Business Strategy

The importance of human capital is increasing as globalization creates a rapid shift to a knowledge economy. Metrics of human capital not only include HR practices, but also other work practices and people management strategies. The distinction is that human capital can extend beyond the HR function to include the organization’s total strategy. Since organizations see human capital as an asset to drive value and optimize business performance, strategies that align human capital practices to support performance are in demand.

Yet showing which HR practices improve business performance can be challenging. Concrete measures to evaluate the effectiveness of these practices are more elusive. The Workforce Analytics Model addresses these challenges through a process that also builds HR credibility with stakeholders in the organization.

Contact us to support your Workforce Analytics process and guide you on how implement workforce analytics into your organization.